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In Which Chaos Computer Club Makes Me Feel Warm And Fuzzy

November 2, 2011 · Leave a Comment


Add another C to CCC, this one for Classy.

Loyal readers will remember that I popped over to Berlin this summer to speak at Chaos Communication Camp.  It was a blast, kind of like a really clever camping rave for geeks.  Laser light shows every night, roaming art projects on trucks, invigorating conversation about internet freedom, and incredibly tight organization and comfortable infrastructure to support about 3000 smart, curious, mischievous people in the woods for 5 days.  I was incredibly impressed by how well the event ran, how creature comforts were taken into consideration, and how nice the organizers were.

I also noticed that every single time I looked around, I saw women.  I didn’t feel gendered, and I never felt like my credentials were in question.  As Bl00 has said, it felt like people assumed that if you were there, it was for a good reason.  C-Base, their headquarters in Berlin, was just as wacked out and cool-looking as I’d hoped.

So, super good stuff.  But this morning they outdid themselves with uber-classiness.  I got an email saying that as a thank you for speaking this summer, I have a token waiting for me for a free ticket to the 28th Chaos Communication Congress (28C3) this December.  Free tickets are always nice, but this comes with an extra premium.  Tickets are hard to get a hold of and are released in carefully timed batches.  If you don’t get your ticket before you travel, you run a very real risk of showing up at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, 2 days after Christmas, to find a sold-out event.  And then, well, good luck.  Enjoy your winter vacation.

So this gesture is that much more clever and lovely.  Someone has done their customer relations homework, and the result is that I feel appreciated, welcomed, and motivated to participate in their events.  Everyone wins, and they look like they consummate professionals.  It’s even getting me thinking about what talks I might propose next…

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Chaos Communication Camp reportback Friday, 7-8:30pm

September 19, 2011 · 4 Comments

Salutations to Comrade Disco Lenin

This Friday evening, BernieS, Far McKon and I will be at The Hacktory at 1524 Brandywine St. to share pictures, short videos, and stories from the absolutely awesome Chaos Communication Camp in Berlin last month.  Come join us!  It’s BYOB, The Hacktory will provide popcorn.

Announcement on The Hacktory blog

Write-up in Technically Philly

Previously on this here blog

E-waste slides, e-waste video

Open data slides, open data video

Thanks to my favorite Shiva for reminding me to include links to the slides and videos.  :-)


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Area Treehugger Speaks at German Hacker Conference

August 23, 2011 · 2 Comments

e-waste talk

Obrigada to Bicyclemark for snapping this shot of my snarkiest slide.

Updated with concise list of links, 10/12/2011.

I recently got home from 9 days in and around Berlin for the Chaos Communication Camp, organized by the Chaos Computer Club.  The Camp happens every 4 years and on a lark I submitted 2 talk proposals.  To my happy bewilderment, both were accepted.  I gave “There’s Gold In Them Circuit Boards:  Why E-Waste Recycling is Smart and How to Make it Smarter” based on my thesis work on e-waste, and “Data Mining Your City:  Early Lessons in Open City Data from Philadelphia, USA”.  On the train from Berlin to the airfield where the camp took place, I met Florian Stoller who helped me give the city data talk.  Besides being on the board of his local Pirate Party in Fribourg, Switzerland, he also helps run Be-Cause , a company that makes e-gov forms.  He filled in the European perspective, which really improved the talk.  Thanks, Florian!

Here are some links.

The camp and Berlin in general were pretty great and deserve their own review.  But until I get my photos posted and thoughts sorted, some crude self-promotion will have to do.

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