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Deepest appreciation for all the piscine comestibles

May 12, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Just posted this at Hive76.

Dear Hive76 community,

With appreciation for the last year and a half with great people and projects, as of yesterday, I’ve resigned from Hive76’s Board of Directors. There are some amazing things in the works for the group, and I look forward to watching it grow and helping out from time to time. The organization has grown so much since I first heard about it, and there is a strong core of smart people making it run. I am confident that even more positive changes are on the way for Hive76 and the Philly science/tech community.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of demands placed on my time, and I feel that I can do more for DIY, science education, and technology for social change, from a different context. I’ve picked up some other tech/ed projects around the city (like Random Hacks of Kindness), so while I’m moving out of the building, I’ll still be in the neighborhood. You can keep an eye on what I’m up to and get in touch over here.

Don’t be a stranger…any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks again, it’s been a blast. And stay tuned for the exciting results of Hive’s next round of elections!

Stephanie Alarcon

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Random Hacks of Kindness June 4-5

May 4, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Do you like hacking? Do you fancy yourself a nice person overall? Are there things about this crazy world that just don’t sit well with you? If getting together with 50 people like you to split into teams and work on techy solutions to real world problems sounds like a blast, you should sign up for Random Hacks of Kindness.

My friend Mike Brennan is organizing Philly’s Random Hacks of Kindness, a one-day hackathon for social good and crisis response tools. Philly is one of only 15-20 cities participating. He’s lined up great facilities and food at Drexel. All you have to do is come and make stuff! Coders and non-coders are welcome. Here are some problem definitions that people have worked on in the past, to give an idea of basically what they’re going for. Participants can draw from a list of projects or come up with a new one. You can form a group ahead of time or team up with people you meet at the event. Note that they are specifically calling for more women participants. Yay!

Sign up is here: Random Hacks of Kindness, Phila, June 4-5

If you’re interested in organizing or promoting, contact Mike at [mb553] at [drexel dot edu]

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Capstone done!

May 4, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Update 5/13: Print-ready! Updated the links below.

Update, Fri 5/6:  The beast, she is slain.  Needs tweaks and I’m still fixing references, but it’s a paper.  A very long paper.  My eyes are sore.

(Previously:  Part 1) is as done as it’s going to get tonight, and ready for critique. Have at it, folks! Note that technically it’s not a thesis, it’s a capstone. But when I say that, 85% of the time I get a blank stare.

Part one the whole shebang of “Making A Vicious Cycle Virtuous: Rare Earths as an E-Waste Case Study” in pdf.  Here’s the accompanying poster.

Pile of Computer Peripherals. © Greenpeace / Natalie Behring

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