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Maker Faire Redux, or I Love Meeting Philadelphians in NYC

September 19, 2011 · 2 Comments

This weekend, Maker Faire touched down in New York.  Sponsored by O’Reilly publishing’s Make and Craft magazines, Maker Faire is a craft and tech expo that happens in several cities throughout the year.  Exhibitioners included robot makers, tee shirt makers, garden makers, radio makers…seeing the trend?

Sculpture by John Belardo made from laser cut perforated metal, inspired by Bucky Fuller's geodesic domes. Got me thinking about the potential for decorative solar concentrators.

It happened at the New York Hall of Science in Queens.  It was definitely a welcome recharge, and by the end of the bus ride back to Philly I discovered that I’d filled nine pages of a notebook with new sketches and notes.  Here are some of my favorite participants that are making me re-think my stance on working alone.

Reboot clothing

Green lace hoodie from Reboot

I had a blast talking to Brie and Michael about their Philadelphia area slow-fashion clothing company, Reboot.  They make simple, beautiful sweaters and jackets from the ends of industrial bolts of wool that would otherwise be discarded by large clothing manufacturers.  They are clearly very thoughtful about their work, describing their hesitance to use the word “sustainable” because it’s impossible to know what’s truly sustainable.  But their garment construction is unambiguously solid and well thought-out.  I walked away with a gorgeous hooded sweatshirt and plans to collaborate on a wool-based workshop sometime soon.  We had a great conversation that flitted from the ups and downs of small-scale manufacturing, to technology education for girls.  I can’t wait to watch them grow.

Crystal Radios


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Sex Toy Hacking at The Hacktory this Sunday

March 17, 2011 · 2 Comments

DIY flogger, courtesy of QuixoticGoat

DIY flogger, courtesy of QuixoticGoat


Ever wanted to make a pair of undies that light up when the wearer hits a certain body temperature? How about a flogger made of old bike tubes? Ever wondered about reprogamming the vibration pattern in your favorite silicone friend for lots of fun and zero profit? On Sunday, Hacktory friend and instructor Maggie is leading a free-form workshop on hacking sex toys at The Hacktory and you’re invited! Registrations are filling up for this fun, respectful and creative workshop that requires no tech expertise, so head over and register for the workshop. You can also forward it around on teh schmacebook.

For some wildly creative ideas linking sex, electronics, galvanic skin response sensors, gender politics, and art, check out Elle Mehrmand and Micha Cardenas’ Bang Lab at UCSD. They do amazing things like monitor their heart rate and temperature and sending the info to audio and Second Life, so that during performances you can “hear” their body temperatures change and see their Second Life characters imitating what they do in real life on a big projection screen behind them.

Update:  Warmest welcome to commenter Micha Cardenas, and let’s include another link to her site at TransReal.org!

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