A Senator A Week Keeps the Outlook Less Bleak

Hoo boy, we live in “interesting” times.  In thinking about what direction to point the laser beam of my shiny new education, I’ve started to compile mental lists of all the things that are totally, embarrassingly, inexcusably wrong with the city/state/nation/world we live in.  I’ve avoided committing it to paper partly because I don’t want to get overwhelmed.

But I have an idea.  What about building into one’s weekly routine contacting a legislator?  Every week.  There are plenty of issues to be passionate and active about, and this type of exercise could only help one become more literate about the political system.

Has anyone tried something like this?  Do you think being a frequent caller would dilute the efficacy of your message, like when your state senator gets another email from you they’d just put it in the spambucket with a sigh about that one person who writes in every week?  How much are you concerned about having your political opinions and actions tracked and mapped?  Pros, cons, issues at the top of your list?  Lay it on me.

One thought on “A Senator A Week Keeps the Outlook Less Bleak”

  1. I think this would be good. I think that the other side of the exchange would be as attentive as if you were not a frequent caller.

    I think this would make a neat web app, actually.

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