Future music and full duplex love with Tek Lado

A couple months ago I thought I saw a broadsheet in a newspaper box with a cover story called “Who is the Hispanic Geek? / Quien es el Geek hispano?”.  But I figured it was a figment of my optimistic imagination.  A few weeks later a friend asked if I’d seen this new bilingual tech and pop culture magazine (PRINT!) called Tek Lado.  It took another couple looks to get the pun (get it? Teclado?) because every time I picked up the zine my head was flooded with happy chemicals and I couldn’t think straight.

But Tek Lado actually exists in the world outside my head, and although they’ve moved from print to online only, they appear to be even cooler than I thought.  I met with editors Mel Gomez and Liz Spikol (formerly of Philly Weekly) last week and it was one of those perfect meetings where you gab about everything but somehow still get through your agenda items.

I gave them some love by mentioning a few music projects I thought were cool, and they made that love full-duplex, or multi-cast I guess, by sharing it with their readers.  I talked about DJ /rupture, the Beta Bodega crew out of Miami and San Juan, PR, and the unduplicatable DJ Kiva.

Keep an eye on Tek Lado for rich content and fun events like their Cosplay competition during Philly Tech Week in late April.

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