Day: May 8, 2017

Tech Ed
Tech Juice Cleanse

A Tech Explainer’s Pledge

I like helping people learn things that they weren’t sure they could understand. In tech culture, there sure is a lot of bluster, buzzwords and hand-waving. This is a pledge that I am making to myself and you to keep myself honest.

  1. I will always define terms using nouns, not verbs.
    1. It’s helpful to say “ is a for-pay website that lets people store and retrieve big files.” It’s not helpful to say “ is a better way to find lentil soup recipes.”
  2. I will never define something as a “solution“, “platform“, or “framework“.
    1. Defining a thing as a  “solution” is the same as defining it with a verb. When you say “ is an enterprise recipe solution”, it’s the same as saying “ solves a recipe problem for enterprises, but I’m going to be coquettish about what recipe problem it solves, on
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